Why did some people use to say no for using the internet?

Yes, there is no doubt in it that the internet is very important for everyone today as it brings thousands of benefits with it. But those people who say no to use it are also not wrong. There are many reasons which will make them say like this. It is up to the person that how he is using the internet service. Everything has its pros and cons then you should use the services by taking its pros. Here we will discuss those things which will make everyone to say no for using it.


There are many reasons which will make the individual say like this. Few of those things we will discuss below which are enough for you to make you realize that why the statement is said. Those reasons are:-

  • Children and even adults also get addicted to online games

Online games are very interesting to play, and it contains many features which will attract the individual easily. The children and adults can get addicted to it also which will separate them from their surroundings. The virtual world of these games will take you along with it in its own world which will make you addicted, and it can cause many mental issues. You can check out the hidden wiki to know about tor links.

  • Obesity

Recently, the internet is accused of causing obesity also in childhood. The Internet is a very entertaining and attractive concept to use, and they spend hours on it to use. This causes obesity in them because they do not perform any physical activity. This is the reasons why the internet is accused of obesity.

Hope that you will now use the internet service to by neglecting its bad effects.