PUBG – Beginner Guide

PUBG is a survival game on which many players are already attached, and many of them recently started playing it. Therefore, if you are also a beginner on the PUBG, then it would be your fundamental duty to earn more and more information about the game. Not only this, in the beginning, you are on the bronze tier and if you are played against the gold or platinum players then it possible to face complication regarding the surviving. However, if you take help of  tencent gaming buddy hack, then it is possible to survive. In this article, you will read some tips to play the game.



Tips to play the PUBG

You are not a great player who can kill a whole squad in one time. Therefore, try to be a perfect player. If you are a new player, then you should check out the all these points those will support you in the process of playing the PUBG perfectly-

  • Let me start from the solo matches. If you are playing as a solo, then make sure you should play in arched mode because it is a mini zone and you get more kills.
  • If you want to play on the attack mode or camping, then you should play with the squad. They will also guide you properly and tell you how to play.
  • Try to concentrate on the currency as possible as you can because the currency is the most important factor of the game.
  • Buy a Royale pass when a new season gets the start. Due to this, players can easily earn more and more benefits as rewards.

Moving further, you can reach the platinum tier from the gold tier if you play as a squad because we get more chance to kill the players easily.